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Warkitty's Ride

2006-06-29 12:11:41.72269+00 by meuon 1 comments

Last night I met up with the CBC crowd for a Wednesday night beginner ride. Suprise! The leader was none other than WarKitty! Had a nice ride, to St. Elmo and back, but I discovered being clipped in, with one loose cleat on a shoe, in stop and go traffic, is embarrasing (Plop). Gotta tighten up my cleats today.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-06-29 12:31:51.832842+00 by: warkitty

and I discovered that you've got good wrist pumping action, and I'm still batting 1000 for getting normally anti-social sorts to talk.


I'll see if I can get that info we talked about in a little bit, but I thought of a possible obstacle too. I'll be in touch.