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wireless antenna update

2006-06-30 15:09:57.496943+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Meuon knows far more about extending digital radio links than I do, so my first inclination would be to ask him what works, but I don't know if he's played with cell phones. We're just on the edge of coverage, depending on how the clouds configure themselves (and perhaps whether there's a truck parked down the road) we can have a choppy conversation in the house, and usually there's a small spot out on the deck which works fine.

Among other things, the Do-It-Yourself Wireless Antenna Update appears to have some links to cell phone extenders that I'll want to investigate... in a few days when I have some more time.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-04 02:52:16.884657+00 by: meuon

Your place is in a 'hole', topo-geo-graphically, and while passive and active repeaters work, it's a hit and miss, try and try again process. Active repeaters can be expensive. I would locate the closest line of sight tower, and start with an extention antenna for the cell phone (a lot of phones have an antenna plug for this).

There are lots of products available online that say they can solve this problem, but I see a lot of "snake oil" remedies as well. This site seems to have the right ideas in place, a directional antenna outside and a repeater inside. But in reality and dispite Interesting Wikipedia Articles including an Ad Article? and a review too well written to believe. I'd still want some better information.