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Obligatory link

2006-07-08 15:56:47.299365+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

I feel like I should link to this just because it's an article about sexual culture in the local paper: SFGate: Couples shed inhibitions, tour S.F. strip clubs. So there it is, however...

I've mentioned that my visits to strip clubs have been distinctly un-erotic experiences, and I think that in my old age I'm becoming less and less enthused by the idea of being entertained by those whose hearts aren't really in it, or even more so by people whose sole reason for participating in the activity is separating me from my money. And weblogs like Standing on the Box and Waiter Rant have made me even more conscious of people who work to sustain a subculture that they despise (the former more than the latter).

When we went to look at strip clubs, the only place I felt at all like the women doing the stripping may have been having fun was the Lusty Lady. There's a lot of fun on all sides in the burlesque revival shows, but pole dancing along Columbus left me flat when we went, and I think it'd leave me even flatter now.

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#Comment Re: Flutterby link made: 2006-07-12 02:53:59.325717+00 by: Ancient Clown

Hello my friend:

Just thought you might be interested in this little story I wrote called The "FLUTTERBY" Campaign. If you like it you may link to it...in an effort to really get this campaign fluttering. your humble servant, Ancient Clown