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2006-07-13 18:56:48.834265+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Jealous: Diane's bumming around Europe. I'm working long hours trying to replicate Maya behavior. She wins.

On another note: I was at an organizational meeting for the 2006 Marin Century/Mt Tam Double coming up August 5th, still time to register for the ride or help us out by volunteering (and not only have a really cool day hanging out with awesome people, throwing one heck of a party, but get tons of other cool perks!), and the local ham folks gave their presentation.

Yes, comms central will have a map with real-time support vehicle locations projected on the wall. Life in the 21st century is awesome! The hard bit is running a few hundred feet of wire so that they'll have a land-line straight to west county dispatch, bypassing 911...

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