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2006-07-18 16:55:34.128544+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

I mentioned that the MMWD wanted to build a new water tank, and that that process has been meeting opposition out in the San Geronimo Valley. So I got the report from the MMWD, read through it, found a bunch of other stuff online and elsewhere, and came to a nightmare scenario.

West Marin has a two million gallon storage capacity in an old railroad tunnel under White's Hill. West Marin uses between a million and a million and a half gallons of water a day. Worst case fire scenarios I've seen revolve around a fire getting going north of Sir Francis Drake, near Spirit Rock, and if there was a reasonable burn going and it jumped the road, Woodacre could be gone in under an hour.

So, I thought to myself, what happened if there were an extended power outage, that reserve ran down, and someone with a hot catalytic converter pulled off the road to look at the scenery?

Yesterday it was fairly hot. Northern California had record electricity usage. We had a power outage last night. MMWD is asking that all non-essential water use be curbed:

The Marin Municipal Water District this morning is asking its customers in Marin County to reduce water use today, as its primary water treatment plant in the San Geronimo Valley lost electrical power due to an outage that began Monday night.

I'm over at San Anselmo Coffee Roasters[Wiki] 'cause power is out at home, but on my way back over the hill I'm gonna be really really careful if I have to pull off the road. And I'm hoping nobody hucks a cigarette out a window.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-18 18:21:11.89415+00 by: ebradway

Speaking of water tanks, I saw this article in the Rocky Mountain News yesterday. Parker Water is probably going to use eminent domain to take 12 acres of land from a Happy Valley landowner. What's odd is that the land isn't even in the Parker Water water district...

#Comment Re: made: 2006-07-18 23:46:39.759016+00 by: Dan Lyke

Kinda makes ya want to vote libertarian, eh? And, yes, we've got some similar issues going on with the water tank here. I'd be far more receptive to the arguments against if they were made in terms of private property rights, though. Most of the anti-tank hysteria uses phrases like "pristine lands" (which were clear-cut 70 years ago and are now rife with non-native plants) and "truck traffic in our neighborhoods" (yeah, like losing the town to fire doesn't suck...). I think mostly it's that those making the arguments have been stridently anti-property rights up 'til now.

In my neck of the woods, power came on about one this afternoon after fifteen hours out, MMWD is still nervous.