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2006-08-15 17:23:43.120712+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

The Marin Century/Mt. Tam Double is over for this year, and one of the promises made was that we'd have a volunteer's ride this Saturday. Well, the event's over, everyone's off to their own things, and I see an email which... well... I took as a call to action, 'cause if I didn't do it...

No worries, I fire up the Perl[Wiki] and send email to the 150 or so volunteers asking them what's up, and within 12 hours I have over 30 responses back saying "can't do it then".

Ya know, if I could consistently get 20% response rate from a mass mailing, even if it's "not right now", I'd be overjoyed. But I've also gotten more people saying that they'd be happy to volunteer to support the ride than wanting to ride it. Hmmm...

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