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Today's Ride

2006-09-16 23:20:23.15603+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

70.34 miles, average 17.3 MPH, max 46.3 MPH (drafting a cement truck north down Nicasio Valley Road). Was going to bike to the start in Fairfax, I forgot my sunglasses, went back, drove to Fairfax, and a guy from out of town, Chuck, who was waiting for the ride said "I forgot my helmet. I know you guys have rules, so can you suggest an alternate ride?" Instead, we drove back to my place so I could loan him a spare, and the two of us rode from home and met the ride in Nicasio.

Up past the cheese factory, out to Tomales, a brisk paceline down the coast to Point Reyes Station, then back through Nicasio Valley.

Ego killer of the day: Ralph, on his mountain bike, complete with knobby (albeit worn down) tires, just wiping the floor with all of us road bikers. From leading the paceline to doing that scoot your butt back and put your stomach on the seat to get a low profile thing on the downhills, and passing, just some amazing cycling.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-09-17 01:59:19.074132+00 by: meuon [edit history]

My ride was better (on my scale): just started riding the riverwalk and Pam (Caving and Burning Man Friend) calls and says she just loaded her bike (fresh back from the Burn) in the truck and is heading downtown. I haul (approx 20mph avg for 6 miles on Amnicola) back to downtown, pull into Suntrust just as she unloads her bike, and then we take a slow fun ride down the RiverWalk and back, catching up on 'everything', saying "Hi!" to some people, and then have a little dinner at Tabouli's. Beautiful afternoon/evening, great conversation..

As for your Ego killer, you may want to note that current MTB tires are running 70-85psi (like Armadillo MTB) and their effective rolling resistance is pretty close to road tires. If that helps your ego any.