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old media

2006-09-22 15:51:13.426068+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Shoot. Ya know, I ran across a "decline of newspapers" thing that I was going to link to to start this little bit, but I don't know where it was, so insert your own whining about the decline of the old media here.

You want proof that the decline of newspapers is mostly a matter of audience and delivery mechanism? SFGate is billing Violet Blue's sex columnist role for them as "Putting the S.F. in N.S.F.W.". SFGate is the online arm of the San Francisco Chronicle, they even share the domain, but Violet Blue ends up only in the online edition.

Since most of the content is mirrored, it's clearly just a matter of which medium the demographic uses. Paper is the medium of old people stuck in their ways who'd be shocked and offended by the notion that "people are having sex!" Smart newspapers will make the transition, stupid ones will die.

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