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Morning ride

2006-10-03 18:43:14.738311+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Met up with Mark in Fairfax to do the Alpine Dam to Ridgecrest loop. My venerable Canon S100 gave up the ghost a few months ago, and I tried to last without an point-n-shoot for a while but I broke down and bought the cheapest camera I could find, which turned out to be an HP M525. This ain't the greatest picture in the world, it's the second picture I've taken with the camera, but fall is here. Out here in Lagunitas the coastal cover has made the days overcast and gloomy, and we're predicted to get the first rain of fall tomorrow if not this evening. Blue sky has been precious.

This morning, climbing up Ridgecrest, the high clouds were making great patterns, and there were low clouds out on the ocean that trailed, although you can't see it very well even in the largest version of this picture, out into the sharp crisp view of the Farallons.

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