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2006-10-19 14:38:16.891217+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Went down to Drake High School last night where the students of ComAcad presented pro and con commercials on the governor's race, Prop 83 (further complicating laws regarding sex offenders, and duplicating a lot of things that have already been done through standard legislation), Prop 85 (requires parental notifications 48 hours before minors have abortions), Prop 86 (special protections from anti-monopoly laws for some health care providers, and $2.70 per pack tax on cigarettes), and Marin and Sonoma County's "Measure R", a quarter cent sales tax to repair the north-south corridor tracks and restore passenger/commuter service along those tracks.

The format was to show both the pro and con ads, and then have those who made both answer questions from the audience either on substantive issues on the particulars of the vote, or on the mechanics of the ad creation. Most questioners went with the former.

I was impressed, both that the ads didn't necessarily reflect the personal opinions of those who made them, and in how informed most of these high school students were. Yeah, there were some glaring holes, but I'm far less disturbed about those kids reaching voting age than I am about the ignorance in many already voting citizens.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-10-19 19:42:32.990463+00 by: ebradway

High school kids are very good at being impartial in elections. They are removed enough from the actual concerns that they can remain objective while close enough to the community to paint a pertinent picture. Sometimes I miss the level of objectivity I had at 17... Or was it naivete?