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Farmer's Market

2006-10-29 00:59:58.855332+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

This morning we went over to Oakland to see Phil Angelides, candidate for California Governor. The venue was interesting, it was a "power breakfast" in which local unions fired up people to go canvassing union members, which Charlene got into by dint of her association with the CSEA. I'm obviously not normally a union fan, although I have come to appreciate their value in dealing with monopolies, like offices of education.

The campaign slogan of Phil Angelides is apparently "I'm not Arnold", which I don't think will be enough to get him elected, but maybe he can generate a little more interest. We just finished the long arduous process of voting (or at least I did, Charlene gives a little more consideration to some of the propositions than I do; I'm of the opinion that if you say "yes" to a proposition you're going to get fucked), but I voted for him, mainly because while I've gotten used to being lied to by politicians, I'd like to get lied to by a different politician for a while.

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