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Otocoup / Kress

2006-12-01 22:52:21.559076+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

If these are really the tools I've heard of, then the Kress Electric web site doesn't do them justice.

[Edit: The Kress Electric tools look really really nice, but the tools that I was hearing about are actually Festool]

The router and the circular saw (which, interestingly, also is apparently available as a chain saw for deeper cuts) both have pickups for a vacuum system, and the circular saw has a guide in it which snaps into a rail for straight longer cuts.

And while searching for information on that, the Otocoup is a home built CNC router/wood milling machine with a freakin' huge bed using Nema 23 mount stepper motors (which I have a box full of) and (depending on what he's cutting) one of those aforementioned routers.

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