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Winston redux

2006-12-05 06:03:21.819731+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Drove Zack[Wiki] home this evening, and on the way through Fairfax noticed that the crew for Winston[Wiki] was there this evening, so we stopped and played looky-loo as they shot a scene where folks walked from the theater down to 19 Broadway.

Talked again to Jeromy Zajonc[Wiki], the line producer for the movie. Their web site isn't hot yet (it's still in the "password only" phase that many smaller productions go through), but if you folks involved in Winston[Wiki] find this and want a link and a little publicity, give a holler.

And Charlene and I have asked around a bit, but it looks like there's no overlap between all the kids (and recently kids) we know in the valley and Noah[Wiki] and Logan Miller[Wiki], the writers and directors of the film.

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