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Genehack's tab dump

2006-12-07 00:01:14.994575+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Two stolen from Genehack:

  • Blog Or Get Off The Pot is a thought inducing rant that, if I had more time to play with the Flutterby CMS would instantly result in a whole bunch of new features.
  • SQL::Shell is a solution to all those times when your Perl[Wiki] libraries point somewhere other than your system SQLite libraries (I'm lookin' at you, Apple!).

Okay, three, because I'm seriously considering switching hosting before other circumstances make a hosting switch happen to me. Nothing certain, but...:

And yes, that means that I've alas been dragged down the evil path that is chat. Unfortunately all chat clients appear to only interop the wrong way. What I really want is a chat module for Perl[Wiki] that'll let me automagically archive everything from specific users, that'll alert me to new messages only in specific group chats (ie: I follow the rat boys[Wiki] game coordination chat mostly to stay hip with what kids these days are up to, but I don't need it beeping at 1AM if I forget to close the lid on my laptop), and that won't, after some period of use, forget to alert me altogether (I'm lookin' at you, Apple).

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