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Dovetail Jig

2007-02-12 05:47:58.946435+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

The whine about metric is brought to you by the meeting up of my Festool[Wiki]OF 1010 router with the el-cheapo Woodstock International dovetail jig which, after some tinkering and assembly and noting that the entire stamped steel frame is slightly twisted, worked rather nicely. Yeah, it's a $70 dovetail jig and not a $350 one, but when we want to do the fancy dovetails we'll be doing them with variable spacing anyway, and the standard jigs won't work for that. I need to play with my technique a bit, but I knocked out a box for the side of our work table with some nice little half-blind dovetails. I'll try to do something more worthy of pictures in the next few days.

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