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Back from elsewhere

2007-04-12 21:40:53.689284+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Back from elsewhere. Delivered the rocking horse to my nephew. Saw cool stuff in Oregon, more reports forthcoming. On the way back dropped in on Jerry Work and chatted with him for a bit, saw his shop and a bunch of his work, some of which was built with and for his upcoming manual on the Festool Domino, which he raved about a bit and showed us how some of the super cool work he had in his shop was made easier with that tool. The book-matched butterfly leaf table has me distracted from Shupe tables for the moment.

Not that the gorgeous japanese joinery chest of drawers that was held together with waxed sliding dovetails and had new details to discover from every angle it was viewed at had anything to learn from the Domino...

Some of Jerry Work's work (and not only is that gong stand beautiful, the sound from that gong is also amazingly rich and complex), and some more of his work.

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