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This is my first attempt at trying to build a Wiki-like knowledge base on top of the Flutterby content management system.

This is a place for explanation, description and static links on a topic that's either too broad to be covered under a single link, or that you're just too lazy to find the real link to.

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Society for Human Sexuality

by:Shawn [edit history] started: 2003-07-04 23:02:48.722989+02 updated: 2003-07-18 22:48:27.959161+02

Started as a student organization at the University of Washington as a response to the sex-negative attitudes in our society. The Society maintains a website, and two e-mail mailing lists - for announcements (primarily used to distribute the monthly calendar of events) and discussions. While the website is no longer connected in any way with the University, the mailing lists are still maintained and operated from its servers. This often creates confusion, as newcomers assume that the SHS is a venue for academic study and discussion of the biological, phsychological and sociological aspects of sexuality. The Society's real purpose, however, is to promote sex-positive attitudes, acceptance of non-mainstream sexual lifestyles, and provide an open, welcoming, and healthy venue for discussion and socializing.

These days (2003), while the website remains an excellent reference and maintains a regular calendar of events, the social aspect has primarily moved to the Society's spin-off organization, The Wet Spot - a sex-positive community center in downtown Seattle.

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