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This is my first attempt at trying to build a Wiki-like knowledge base on top of the Flutterby content management system.

This is a place for explanation, description and static links on a topic that's either too broad to be covered under a single link, or that you're just too lazy to find the real link to.

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by:Shawn [edit history] started: 2004-03-06 02:05:13.176811+01 updated: 2004-03-06 02:06:48.439801+01

Caldera used to be both the name of a company that produced, maintained and sold Unix[Wiki] and Linux[Wiki] distributions (the latter based on Red Hat[Wiki] ). Caldera's Linux offerings focused on providing an easy to install, stable operating system. They stayed away from cutting edge releases of applications and stayed with tried and true, known stable versions.

Some time around (or after) the turn of the century, Caldera purchased SCO and rebranded themselves with this name and corporate focus. Since then they've been making lots of enemies (not to mention fools of themselves) with outrageous legal claims that they own Linux[Wiki] and alleged copyright infringements of [SCO's] Unix source code - which they claim has been incorporated into Linux[Wiki] without their permission.

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