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Entry: 2018-04-19 23:53:58.794204+00 Sex Trafficking myth debunking by Dan Lyke comments 0

The Sex Trafficking panic is based on myths:

Good data is hard to come by in an industry kept largely in the shadows. That’s why, from 2012 to 2014, we spent nine months walking a stretch of road in Las Vegas well known as a gathering point for sex workers and their customers. We were part of a team who tailed along with those sex workers as they plied their trade, ducking into cars and alleyways to sell their services. We handed out condoms and other harm-reduction material, and we had a definite purpose — we were researchers, paid through an Obama-era grant from the US Department of Justice.

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Entry: 2018-04-16 16:26:25.669089+00 Erotic Film School by Dan Lyke comments 0

A report from a student at Madison Young's porn school:

I’m also here to explore a budding porn movement that the school represents, one about sexual empowerment and openness for people of all orientations and body types. There are now dozens of film festivals around the world—from Dan Savage’s nationwide HUMP! Film Festival to COVEN in Berlin to New York’s CineKink—that perpetuate this movement, a celebration of human sexuality in all its rich and slightly sticky tapestry. ...

Erotic Film School — A 30 Hour Certification Program for the New Pornographer

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Entry: 2018-04-12 19:32:27.400401+00 Nazis are defensible by Dan Lyke comments 0

Pacific Standard: In the fight for free speech, sex workers have been left behind — With SESTA, Congress gets it backwards: Speaking isn't dangerous for sex workers. Censorship is.

"Adult content used to be the free speech issue. Now it's fucking Nazis," Nix 66, a cam sex worker and domme, tells me by email. "I have no idea why Nazis are defensible, and I'm not."

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Entry: 2018-04-10 23:15:01.967091+00 listen to the sex workers by Dan Lyke comments 0

Washington Post: No one wants to listen to the sex workers, on the Backpage shutdown.

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Entry: 2018-04-09 20:23:29.22624+00 How Backpage saved by Dan Lyke comments 0

In light of SESTA and FOSTA, How Backpage Saved My Life:

OK MY NON-SEX WORK FRIENDS LISTEN UP I’m gonna tell you the story of how Backpage helped keep me safe during one of the scariest most dangerous times of my entire life

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Entry: 2018-04-09 16:45:33.323457+00 FOSTA by Dan Lyke comments 0

Why FOSTA's restriction on prostitution promotion violates the First Amendment. F

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Entry: 2018-04-09 16:02:55.927438+00 Backpage by Dan Lyke comments 0

A little reading on understanding abusive relationships, "trafficking", and sex work: Sara Fenix: How Backpage saved my life

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Entry: 2018-03-31 16:17:28.328555+00 Chosen Names & Depression by Dan Lyke comments 0

Using Chosen Names Reduces Odds of Depression and Suicide in Transgender Youths

Earlier research by Russell found that transgender youths report having suicidal thoughts at nearly twice the rate of their peers, with about 1 out of 3 transgender youths reporting considering suicide. In the new study, having even one context in which a chosen name could be used was associated with a 29 percent decrease in suicidal thoughts. The researchers controlled for personal characteristics and social support.

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Entry: 2018-03-28 20:14:36.826862+00 Reversal by Dan Lyke comments 0

How A Free-Speech Advocate Accidentally Became the Face of Censorship in Porn — Paul Cambria was just trying to help the porn industry. Instead, his list of sex acts to avoid became a guide for prosecutors

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Entry: 2018-03-27 23:43:15.128724+00 Russian Furry Spies by Dan Lyke comments 0

Forget Facebook, Russian agents have been pretending to be furries on Tumblr

It’s fun to laugh at the idea of the Russians trying to mimic the syntax and obsessions of Tumblr teens but it’s clear they saw the site as another conduit for disruption and division. To have legitimate campaigns such as Black Lives Matter and LGBT rights efforts undermined is a huge issue.

Related: Life on the Swingset #317: The Polyamorous Furry Community w/ Viro the Science Collie & Metriko Oni had some discussion of policing Nazis out of the furry community...

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Entry: 2018-03-22 18:17:52.15573+00 Desexing Kinsey by Dan Lyke comments 0

Desexing the Kinsey Institute, about the new director and how the organization's mission and focus are changing:

Perhaps tellingly, Carter’s own research on vole monogamy has been cited by pro-abstinence and anti-pornography organizations to justify their positions. Physicians for Life, a pro-life association based in Alabama that also advocates for abstinence, uses Carter’s research to argue that monogamy is natural and built into our biology. They claim that sex out of wedlock will lead to a release of oxytocin that produces an expectation of commitment which is then disappointed, leading to “depression, dissatisfaction, and the disruption of future bonding potential.” Meanwhile, a website called Your Brain On Porn uses Carter’s oxytocin research to argue that strong pair bonds make us less likely to pursue addictive behaviors like porn-watching. Another anti-porn advocate uses Carter’s research to make a diametrically opposed argument: that oxytocin “bonds” men to porn and away from human partners.

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Entry: 2018-03-20 17:25:05.333935+00 Kiddie Porn in the Blockchain by Dan Lyke comments 2

I've been thinking about what the successor to the web might look like, and I'm super excited by the possibilities of distributed filesystems, but I've wondered about the possibilities of denial of service attacks based in inserting illegal content, like child pornography, into such systems: If someone can convince you to browse to a link containing that content, it's then instantiated in your local copy and... issues, even more than ending up with something like that in your browser cache (which can also be done with images that aren't visible in the final web page) follow.

Looks like someone else has been thinking about this too: Child abuse imagery found within bitcoin's blockchain

“Our analysis shows that certain content, eg, illegal pornography, can render the mere possession of a blockchain illegal,” the researchers wrote. “Although court rulings do not yet exist, legislative texts from countries such as Germany, the UK, or the USA suggest that illegal content such as [child abuse imagery] can make the blockchain illegal to possess for all users.”

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Entry: 2018-03-13 21:22:35.740373+00 Pathologies by Dan Lyke comments 0

RT Eric Sprankle, PsyD @DrSprankle:

Don’t pathologize a sexual behavior when it’s the sexual behavior’s stigma that’s pathological.

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Entry: 2018-03-02 19:31:27.234297+00 What it's like to date by Dan Lyke comments 0

Andre Shakti: What It's Like to Date When You're a Porn Star

There are a few rules for dating a sex worker: don't compromise their cash flow by driving away their business, never out them to other people without their consent, and don't expect them to eagerly perform activities they normally get paid to do for free. ...

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Entry: 2018-03-01 19:37:07.978188+00 Obscenity Filters by Dan Lyke comments 0

EFF: State Lawmakers Want to Block Pornography at the Expense of Your Free Speech, Privacy, and Hard-Earned Cash:

The gist of the model legislation is this: Device manufacturers would be forced to install "obscenity filters" on cell phones, tablets, computers, and any other Internet- connected devices. Those filters could only be removed if consumers pay a $20 fee. In addition to violating the First Amendment and burdening consumers and businesses, this would allow the government to intrude into consumers’ private lives and restrict their control over their own devices.

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Entry: 2018-02-27 18:54:09.167431+00 Accidental Child Porn by Dan Lyke comments 0

Fake Porn Makers Are Worried About Accidentally Making Child Porn — Images of celebrities as minors are showing up in datasets used in making AI-generated fake porn.

This collection of images, or faceset, is used to train a machine learning algorithm to make a deepfake: a fake porn video that swaps Watson’s face onto a porn performer’s body, to make it look like she’s having sex on video. If someone uses the faceset that contains images of Watson as a child to make a deepfake, that means that a face of a minor was in part used to create a nonconsensual porn video.

(Leaving aside all of the IP questions inherent in using someone's likeness for an application they didn't license it for, and how protectable that likeness is, and...)

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Entry: 2018-02-27 17:14:17.225598+00 Marriage license vs contract by Dan Lyke comments 0

NPR: Same-Sex-Marriage Flashpoint: Alabama Considers Quitting The Marriage Business.

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Entry: 2018-02-26 23:02:26.112786+00 Will it Buttplug ep. 1 by Dan Lyke comments 0

Buttpluggin With qDot - Will It Buttplug - Rez Infinite (with Original Rez TranceVibrator!) (YouTube video)

... as we all know, games can only be art if they are erotic.

Hooking up games to sex toy controllers.

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Entry: 2018-02-22 00:47:52.895107+00 Florida attacks porn rather than gun violence by Dan Lyke comments 0

Hey, you know what study after study has suggested is correlated with a reduction of sexual violence? The availability of pornography.

I don't have an answer to the gun violence problem, but it does seem as though we as a society took the relationship violence of the Parkland shooter seriously, there may have been legal mechanisms in place to prevent him from having a firearm.

Instead, we have decided to keep perpetuating the social structures that tacitly accept violence against women and violence in relationships.

Florida House refuses to debate guns, declares porn dangerous

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Entry: 2018-02-20 18:34:42.336384+00 Socially Transitioned Youth by Dan Lyke comments 0

Mental Health and Self-Worth in Socially Transitioned Transgender Youth

These findings are in striking contrast to previous work with gender- nonconforming children who had not socially transitioned, which found very high rates of depression and anxiety. These findings lessen concerns from previous work that parents of socially transitioned children could be systematically underreporting mental health problems.


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Entry: 2018-02-16 18:59:36.37658+00 consent and detention by Dan Lyke comments 0

Cuomo plans to ban police officers from having sexual contact with detainees

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Entry: 2018-02-12 17:19:46.195714+00 Cycling in SLO by Dan Lyke comments 0

Former Mayor of San Luis Obispo California writes letter to city council decrying new bikeway:

Tonight, you (San Luis Obispo City Council) have before you a request for permission to assault that tranquility in order to create a gigantic urban rape. Yes, rape! No other word would be proper. The rape will not be performed by a male penis, but by thousands of inanimate bicycles guided by individuals who will have absolutely no understanding of that precious tranquility they will be destroying in their mindless focus of getting from point “A” to point “B” with the least possible inconvenience to themselves.

Via Streetsblog

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Entry: 2018-02-09 16:08:59.282665+00 Economic impacts of abortion by Dan Lyke comments 0

The Economic Impact of Denying Abortion Care May Be Bigger Than You Think

ANSIR: Turnaway Study

The Turnaway Study is ANSIRH’s prospective longitudinal study examining the effects of unintended pregnancy on women’s lives. The major aim of the study is to describe the mental health, physical health, and socioeconomic consequences of receiving an abortion compared to carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. From 2008 to 2010, we recruited from 30 abortion facilities around the country—from Maine to Washington, Texas to Minnesota—to recruit about 1,000 women who sought abortions, some who received abortions because they presented for care under the gestational limit of the clinic and some who were “turned away” and carried to term because they were past the gestational limit.

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Entry: 2018-02-09 00:14:51.795471+00 The Shape Of by Dan Lyke comments 0

A Dildo Maker Has Finally Determined What The Shape of Water's Fish Dick Looks Like

Thanks, Tara

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Entry: 2018-02-02 21:29:56.641489+00 secrets for sex by Dan Lyke comments 0

Leaks, feasts and sex parties: How ‘Fat Leonard’ infiltrated the Navy’s floating headquarters in Asia:

A master recruiter, Francis methodically assembled a network of informants to feed him the secret itineraries, court documents show. Wielding remarkable influence for a foreigner, he then prodded his moles on the Blue Ridge to reroute aircraft carriers and other vessels to ports controlled by his firm so he could more easily overcharge the Navy for fuel, other supplies and services.

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Entry: 2018-02-01 23:20:11.508223+00 Revelation by Dan Lyke comments 0

Revelation: When porn+masturbation is seen as an alternative to partnered sex, pornography is targeted towards people who can't find partners. Which explains so much of mass market porn.

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Entry: 2018-02-01 00:38:55.049531+00 Abortion Reversal by Dan Lyke comments 0

We have reached the "medical experiments on the undesirables" stage of civilization: Scott Lloyd, currently in charge of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, wanted to try to reverse the abortion of an undocumented teen</a:

In the past few years, opponents of abortion have championed the idea of halting a medication abortion midway by using the hormone progesterone. Anti-abortion activists have pushed governors in four states to sign laws requiring healthcare providers to tell patients about this so-called “abortion reversal” method. But there is no credible medical evidence that such a procedure works, and the mainstream medical community worries that using it amounts to experimentation on women.

Nevertheless, Lloyd said in the deposition that he and his staff discussed the possibility of abortion reversal. Emails obtained by VICE News, including one sent last March to the clinic handling the abortion of a teenager in ORR’s custody, also mention progesterone explicitly and show that officials had questions about the feasibility of using it “for the purpose of aborting a chemical abortion process.”

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Entry: 2018-01-29 17:25:26.143896+00 Spitzer's escort tells all by Dan Lyke comments 0

The man who aggressively went after sex workers brought low: Judge allows Elliot Spitzer’s Russian escort to dish on dirty details

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Entry: 2018-01-29 17:16:34.938241+00 Josh Weed, gay mormon, divorced by Dan Lyke comments 0

Josh Weed, famous married gay Mormon announces divorce, apologizes to LGBTQ community

The blog post actually has some good soul searching.

<blockcquote>This is what the church’s current stance does to LGBTQIA people. It actually kills them. It fills them with self-loathing and internalized homophobia, and then provides little to no help when the psychosomatic symptoms set in, instead reacting to this unexpected by-product (after all, living the gospel isn’t supposed to bring misery and death! It’s supposed to bring immeasurable joy! Right?) with aphorisms like “have more faith,” or “have an eternal perspective” or “be grateful.” And the LGBTQIA person is left even further alone, now having been shamed by having it implied that their unhappiness and lack of health is their own fault because they aren’t being righteous enough, or trying hard enough. And so, they try harder. And they get sicker. And the cycle continues. It is a sick, pathological spiral. Worst of all, and what amounts to the very crux of the problem: the church also deprives them—us—of attachment, and a natural, verified, studied reaction to attachment blockade is suicidality.

I think it's worth reading that not just in the context of the Mormon Church, but in so many societal expectations that we conform ourselves to.

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Entry: 2018-01-26 17:54:53.069996+00 gender by Dan Lyke comments 0

RT 🌻Helianthus 🌻 @TagetesLucidas:

my gender is whatever gender makes you gay if you like me

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Entry: 2018-01-25 17:17:01.282609+00 Satanic Temple v Missouri by Dan Lyke comments 0

Satanic Temple wins lawsuit vs Missouri over abortion rights and religious freedom.

A good breakdown on the legal arguments in Missouri Court to Hear Landmark Case on Satanic Temple Abortion.

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Entry: 2018-01-19 20:54:47.699408+00 on Stormy Daniels by Dan Lyke comments 0

The resistance is full of prudes — The Stormy Daniels scandal highlights how we still fail sex workers.

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Entry: 2018-01-19 20:30:11.228901+00 Reading men talking about buyer's by Dan Lyke comments 0

Reading men talking about "buyer's remorse" in the context of sexual assault, and realizing how much of our economy is predicated on assholes coercing us into transactions that we didn't want.

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Entry: 2018-01-12 20:56:58.613689+00 SFPD on sex workers reporting crime by Dan Lyke comments 0

SFGate: New SF policies bar arrest of sex workers who come forward to report violence

SFPD Department Bulletin A 17-249 12/19/17 Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers (PDF):

In light of recent events in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad, officers are reminded that, pursuant to DGO 2.01 and 3.01, any officer misconduct against sex workers, including retaliation, coercion or coercive intimate acts, is subject to disciplinary and/or. criminal action. Sex workers are vulnerable to violence and face barriers in reporting violent crimes to law enforcement in San Francisco. The criminalization of sex work is one of the primary barriers to reporting violence to law enforcement. Sex workers report fear of arrest as a barrier to reporting violent crimes.

This bulletin institutionalizes the Department's existing prioritization of violent crimes and aims to ensure equal access to safety for persons engaged in sex work and other forms of sex trade including trafficked persons. The Department seeks to promote the safety, dignity, and well-being of all San Franciscans, including sex workers; and to reduce violence, trafficking of persons, and abuse, including labor violations, within the sex industry. The Police Department and the District Attorney's Office have developed complementary policies for persons of any age engaged in sex work and other forms of sex trade who experience or witness violent crimes.

A step in the right direction

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Entry: 2018-01-11 22:48:10.860567+00 Straight People don't start 'til late at night by Dan Lyke comments 0

Jiz Lee @jizlee tweeted

Yes! Engaging in sex work taught me more about respecting boundaries than school, TV, or anywhere else. I’m so grateful for it, but also furious that so many of us miss this important education early on. We need to talk about sex and consent!

Quoting Lorelei Lee‏ @MissLoreleiLee:

The public narrative says that whoring means making yourself indiscriminately available when the truth is the opposite - whoring is all about setting exact limits for when and under what circumstances our bodies can be touched.

(Lorelei Lee's whole thread is worth a read)

Immediately above that, there was a Tweet from Elf Sternberg:

Straight people. "I guess the sex and drugs didn't start until after 12:30am and all the boring fuckers have gone home." https://medium.com/@paulbiggar...orse-than-it-sounds-29f4a3c7e4b8 … Seriously? The last party I went to, I left at midnight; by then, I'd already tied up four women and two men. :-)


The power trip described in that story is gross. But it's also... weird. Like, that delay until after midnight just feels wrong. Don't these people have lives in the morning? Weren't they working all day? Does cocaine give you the illusion of energy reserves?

I think that something happens in our repressed culture. When we put up all of these walls and boundaries around sex, we make it unspeakable, and we end up with this weird- ass uncanny valley in between sex and hoping that sex might occur, rather than being able to talk about it honestly. And it's in this space where it becomes really easy to forget power dynamics, rather than specifically explicitly playing with the power dynamics.

And we have to be really careful when we wrap ritual and meaning around sex without acknowledging that, at the center, there's sex, we end up with these weirdly coercive situations.

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Entry: 2017-12-22 01:05:23.702487+00 Sex Work & Daddy Issues by Dan Lyke comments 0

Andre Shakti: Sex Work and Daddy Issues: A Love Story

I definitely have “daddy issues” — and “mommy issues” and “uncle issues” and “grandmother issues.” As a sex worker, the “daddy issues” trope is particularly stigmatizing because some of us do come from what traditional society would deem “broken” homes, where we’ve been failed by the masculine role models in our lives.

What may come as a surprise, though, is that the catalyst for our familial trauma and isolation often results from family members’ discovery of our sex work — and/or gender identity, sexual orientation, etc — not the other way around.

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Entry: 2017-12-21 18:48:44.499865+00 Decriminalizing prostitution: lower rape & STD rates by Dan Lyke comments 0

Decriminalizing Indoor Prostitution: Implications for Sexual Violence and Public Health Scott Cunningham, Manisha Shah, in The Review of Economic Studies, rdx065, https://doi.org/10.1093/restud/rdx065

Most governments in the world, including the U.S., prohibit sex work. Given these types of laws rarely change and are fairly uniform across regions, our knowledge about the impact of decriminalizing sex work is largely conjectural. We exploit the fact that a Rhode Island District Court judge unexpectedly decriminalized indoor sex work to provide causal estimates of the impact of decriminalization on the composition of the sex market, reported rape offences, and sexually transmitted infections. While decriminalization increases the size of the indoor sex market, reported rape offences fall by 30% and female gonorrhoea incidence declines by over 40%.

[ related topics: Erotic Sexual Culture Health Law Work, productivity and environment Economics Government ]

Entry: 2017-12-20 01:05:37.251894+00 Social Media & Sex by Dan Lyke comments 0

Sarah Brynn Holliday: How Social Media is Silencing the Sex Industry:

I am all for tearing down oppressive, capitalistic, sex-shaming structures and systems in favor of creating a better world. However, the heart of the matter here is that we shouldn’t have to create something new. We need our current social media platforms to work for and with us, to drop the stigma, to recognize that working in the sex industry is just as valid as any other career, to allow us to promote beyond our networks to reach new people.

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Entry: 2017-12-19 21:41:24.627875+00 Serial rapists by Dan Lyke comments 0

Detroit Free Press: Kaffer: 8 years into tests of abandoned rape kits, Worthy works for justice:

In 2009, 11,341 untested sexual assault kits — the results of an hours-long process that collects evidence from the body of a rape victim — were found during a routine tour of a Detroit police storage warehouse, some dating back to 1984. ...

Those samples revealed 817 rapists involved in more than one attack, over 50 of them have 10 to 15 hits.

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Entry: 2017-12-15 18:20:08.903588+00 Little Mermaid by Dan Lyke comments 0

RT fangmeli @pangmeli:

wild that disney made a movie about a hot fat dom lesbian sea witch who dies desperately & unsuccessfully trying to use her witchcraft to prove to a straight girl that her father is a maniac & her bf only cares about her superficially

RT fangmeli @pangmeli

ursula: this guy?? this guy??? this guy wouldn't even care if you couldn't communicate
ariel: feel like he really *saw* me in that rowboat tho
ursula: look I literally just made myself a brunette & now he's marrying me instead
ariel: idk he's had a hard life. he almost drowned

And the thread goes on...

"You know it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me..."

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