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Why TomTom Rocks

2008-03-10 00:53:41.763125+00 by meuon 4 comments

We've had a TomTom (720) for a couple of months now, overall it's been one of the best technology purchases I've made. Today it proved itself above and beyond "useful". We were hungry for an early lunch traveling back from Dauphin Island Alabama, and pulled off at generic exit #96, near Evergreen Alabama. You know the exit, Waffle House, McDonalds, etc.. I clicked 'Find Resturants near our location" and one of the listings was 'Beacon, The Restaraunt 2.x miles' - we zig-zag towards town and following TomTom's lead find this odd plain place with a big parking lot. It's right after 11am on a Sunday and they just opened. Walking in, to the right are three long rows of tables, all together like 3 big tables. To the left is a high counter of food warmers, with two older black women primping the food line. Place smells like fried chicken and bacon grease. Nancy, her parents visiting from Alaska and I roll the dice and call "lunch". Meat and 3+, drinks and desert for four for $32.00. The food: incredible. Best lima beans and cornbread stuffing I've had in my life. Nancy had 2nds of the lima beans for dessert, and neither of use normally like lima beans. Right after we sat down, Church must have let out....they started coming in. For a while I thought we would be the only 'pale' people in the place, but soon enough it became quite an interesting mix of a crowd. There is something glorious about the way older black women get dressed for Church, matching hats, scarves, shoes.. and attitude (good, righteous and friendly).

TomTom may enable, yea encourage, the rediscovery of the wonderful crooks and crannies of America.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2008-03-10 23:20:57.821725+00 by: Dan Lyke

So what level do you need to get information like this? We've had a couple of moments recently where, despite the new house and new tools purchase, we've thought this'd be a good idea. CostCo had the Garmin equivalent of the "One" for $150 (after a rebate), I like the TomTom because once it reaches the end of its useful nav life it's still a decent touch-screen Linux platform, but does the leap to the wireless traffic data and FM transmitter warrant the extra $250 or so that that seems to cost across product lines?

And damned if you don't have me hankerin' for good down home Southern cookin' right about now. I'll do it California style, but I'll at least be doing collards this evening...

#Comment Re: made: 2008-03-11 00:46:10.486512+00 by: meuon

I caught the 720, normally around $350-400 at $149.99 at Sams, normally the price of the TomTom One. Bought it on impulse. 2 days later I was in Sams and they were $349.00. Mis-tagged? The bluetooth phone dialer and hands free features are worth the extra money and I'd pay $350 for another easily.

#Comment Re: made: 2008-03-11 01:17:27.049089+00 by: Dan Lyke

Cool. We've got a road trip coming up in two weeks, I'll have to see what I can manifest.

Oh, and I ended up making greens, corn bread (gluten free, I'm getting pretty good at that stuff) and baked beans for dinner tonight. Thanks for the push that direction.

#Comment Re: tomtom one made: 2008-03-11 13:58:22.075857+00 by: ghasty

I'm in the market too for a gps toy...leaning toward a tomtom one for my use...found a deal on techbargains at officemax for 120. Tiger had the Garmin street pilot i3 for $99 (no touchscreen)