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Second School

2008-09-18 10:22:09.722782+00 by meuon 2 comments

Chattanooga State in Second Life - another chapter in the long running epic saga of Chattanooga State trying to do online education. Lots of buzz about using 2nd Life as a teaching medium, but the real issue is teachers/content creators that grok the medium and can use it effectively. They've had the exact same issues since Dan and I helped them try to use NNTP style threaded discussions and e-mail back in.. 1994-1995? They worry about Classroom 2.0 when Classroom 1.0 hasn't been finalized yet, despite a few hundred years, nay thousands, of poor pedagogy. Stanford Engineering Everywhere seems to be a more practical approach. I probably should "take" Intro to Computer Science | Programming Methodology

The funny part, they still invite me to meetings and ask me questions, and I give them the exact same answers I did in the 90's, but with lower expectations.

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-09-18 12:45:02.319391+00 by: Dan Lyke

I continue to find it amusing that everyone thinks that throwing more technology at the issues of distance learning will solve the problems, when really it's a matter of social change, not technological ones. I think much of my skill in C is a direct result of "distance learning", but I didn't get that skill by paying a school to hire a professor to sit online to teach me that, I got that skill by participating in online forums (back in the pre-Internet days) where people talked about programming.

I also think that the real value of college isn't to do with the top-down professor lecturing style of learning, it's about putting people interested in a topic together so that the ideas can flow between them. However, I'm guessing that small college administrators really don't want to admit that.

#Comment Re: Asperger's made: 2008-09-22 11:50:37.508303+00 by: ghasty

In an interesting twist tho. Being that one of my kiddos as been diagnosed with Asperger's and can have some social issues from it. Read this article on Second Life for these kids.