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House progress

2008-10-16 13:31:09.099352+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

It's been a busy week. On Sunday, I was going to spend some time putting another coat on the pantry shelves, but Charlene said "It's going to be windy, why don't we do my cedar closet instead". The cedar closet actually involves splitting a closet in two, and cutting a hole through another wall for a door to the second, so we're mid-way on that process, but we have got the box for both built, including most of the plasterboard firewall between the two spaces, and got much of the lining and the hanger rod up in Charlene's space.

Meanwhile, I managed to get the next two coats on the pantry shelves, so last night, in addition to work on the closets, we got those installed. They're built in two pieces, with that center trim strip held on with cams so that we can remove the whole thing when we re-do the wiring (it's currently held 1½" away from the wall to allow the plug for the stove) and when we replace the floors. Obviously, we're nowhere near doors for this yet, we don't even have the drawers for the place where the pots and pans are jumbled over on the right yet.

Somehow I lost 1/2" in this whole thing (or maybe it was taken up by thickness in the linoleum I didn't manage to meaasure), so those carcases go straight to the ceiling. Gulp.

More on the current construction over at Flutterby.net.

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-10-16 15:03:55.379098+00 by: ebradway

Love the pantry! One never seems to have enough space in there - and for some reason - pantries were in style when my condo was built. We have a tiny closet with six 6" deep shelves...

#Comment Re: made: 2008-10-17 13:14:25.261034+00 by: m

The pantry looks great, as does cedar lined closet. Chefs shouldn't design kitchens, chemists should. But then, I guess chefs are chemists with limited breadth (not depth) of experience and education.

Pantries are great. I had wanted to add a 6X18 pantry along one side of the kitchen, between it and the garage I was having put in. But since we are on a fairly steep hill, we would have had to have moved an additional 6x24x8 section of the hill, run into a serious rock outcropping, and had significant water redirection issues.

Had this not been so close to the house to rule out the use of explosives in demolishing the ledge, I would have gone for it.

Severe, agonizing, debilitating pantry envy.