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Grace Before Meat

2008-12-03 21:35:32.6913+00 by petronius 1 comments

From the Guardian: a portfolio of charmingly lurid paperback covers from a British romance publishing house that was eventually absorbed by the Harlequin group. My favorite is the one about Canadian dope rings which seems to find the most distinctive sight in Toronto is the web of trolley wires.

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#Comment Re: made: 2008-12-04 00:04:24.023872+00 by: Dan Lyke

Those trolley wires look like they'd confuse even those modern high-tech optically tracked power pickups.

And sometimes you wonder just how those involved possibly kept a straight face. I think "Romance Goes Tenting".

On the other hand, lest we think that the hilarity is just reserved for times past, recently Questionable Content referenced "girl porn" about "...a time traveling viking who becomes a Navy SEAL", which I thought nothing of 'cause I read via the RSS feed which doesn't have the sidebar, until Columbine pointed out that the series is real (and, apparently, very self-aware). I may have to find those when I finish with the girl porn I'm currently reading (as I get loaned the books).