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Porn industry bailout

2009-01-07 21:09:53.487366+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Porn industry calls for bailout. (Via SE)

So, uh, maybe while we're getting screwed we can be getting off too?

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: had to say it made: 2009-01-08 18:38:38.658671+00 by: ghasty

ahhh, now THAT's a Stimulas Package!

#Comment Re: made: 2009-01-08 23:32:47.344324+00 by: topspin

Sigh. The dearth of decent reading material extends to headlines also. What's up with "Porn Industry seeks Federal Bailout" when it could be....

"The S & M's are hurting as much as the S & L's"

"Porn industry seeks help to avoid going down"

"Bonds could be used to support bond industry"

"More Federal money sought to help dorks"

"Industry seeks Federal money to blow"

"Buddy, can you spur a dame?"

#Comment Re: made: 2009-01-09 19:43:58.598095+00 by: Diane Reese

^^ he said "package"