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Health Insurance pain

2009-09-14 05:23:43.928006+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

We're moving health insurance from Charlene's coverage with the Marin County school district supported Kaiser Permanente policy to a private Kaiser Permanente policy. We just finished going through the online application: Holy cow was that an annoying piece of software. I swear it filled in crap randomly and made us go back to fix it. And they've got our medical record numbers, we've been on a Kaiser plan for years and years, why the hell can't they just take our numbers and move us to a different plan?

The only possible explanation is that by going back through that lousy-ass piece of crap that is https://kaiser.healthinsurance-asp.com/ is that they can make us somehow enter bad data which gets used later for "post-claims underwriting". What an annoying joke.

On the good side, at least it's not Blue Cross.

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#Comment Re: made: 2009-09-17 04:15:12.781523+00 by: radix

You really put your finger on it! Recission is a bad problem that must be addressed.