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Activities of the weekend

2009-11-22 22:30:01.389791+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

2009-24HoursOfLemons-StarskyAndHutcheSideways1.JPGYesterday, I went to Thunderhill Racetrack, near Willows, to see some of 24 Hours of LeMons. 24 Hours of LeMons is the endurance race for cars costing $500 or less, although brakes are "safety equipment", which doesn't come in that price, so by the time you get the roll bars and other safety gear and upgrade the brakes to handle a long road circuit the people I talked to said you were up to at least $5k, plus suits and gear for your drivers, etc.

Still a fun event in which keeping the cars running is a big part of the race, and because the cars are beaters there's a bit more contact and action than you'd find in a more refined road style race.

Last night I got together with folks who had some oak logs for growing shiitake, because I've got a bunch of plugs, so we drilled a hole bunch of holes. This afternoon I waxed the plugs and am soaking them now.

2009-11-22_TaraFirmaFarmsVisit3.JPGAnd this morning I went out I Street to Tara Firma Farms to pick up the turkey I won and take a tour of the farm. Ended up buying a bunch of produce, and I'll be exploring the farm further. They're very much trying to be a community hub, and to make the farm work on the basis of knowing their customers and vice-versa, and I'd like to be a part of that community. I forgot my camera, so just had the iPhone, but there are a few pictures of my Tara Firma Farms visit, and I've got the turkey brining in apple cider with bay leaves, cloves and juniper berries, for smoking later this week.

And they've got two cats, one of which got a broken, or kinked, tail. So the kids on the farm have taken to calling them "Straight" and "Kinky". And the adults are desperately trying to keep a straight face. I told you I like this place.

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#Comment Re: made: 2009-11-23 02:50:38.631224+00 by: jeff

Glad you got to experience that Dan! I attended the one held at Nelson Ledges race course in October. Here is a thread devoted to it. I posted a few photos in the thread (I'm "Sherpadude" at that site), and I know one of the teams (jdanhires) which participated.

#Comment Re: made: 2009-11-24 20:32:18.377728+00 by: Nancy

Next time you visit, be sure to get pictures of Straight and Kinky! Priceless!!!