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2009-12-28 16:19:56.707509+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Recently had a request to make some I/O speak TCP/IP on Ethernet, and Lantronix makes the XPort, roughly the size of an RJ45 jack with serial out to talk to your microcontroller, XPort Pro which can run Linux, and the XPort AR which has power over Ethernet.

Yeah, they're $60-90 in small quantities, but that power over ethernet option is appealing for some of the home automation stuff we've been contemplating...

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#Comment Re: made: 2009-12-28 18:00:01.595958+00 by: m

What are your plans for home automation?

Mine are going much slower than I had hoped. So far I am using 1-Wire for logging temperatures and humidities. I have an on/off X-10 control over a blower on a wood stove. Also a pellet stove, but a simple on/off wouldn't work well. There is a fan driven cooling down process the stove needs to go through. I do that via a X10 controlled night light that heats the pellet stove thermistor. Both of these X10 interfaces are controlled through a CM19a usb wireless transceiver hooked up to a small laptop, and activation is based on temps from the 1-Wire network.

The transceivers are cheap -- about $10-$11 on eBay including shipping. There is a python/linux driver for the transceivers available at www.cuddon.net.

#Comment Re: made: 2009-12-29 11:26:26.341166+00 by: meuon

Some of the "smart meters" stuff uses Lantronix chips with a serial (in once case PPP serial) and other various interfaces. They are powerful, and just a little picky about DHCP and "link" - they did like DNSmAsq's DHCP, but not a Linksys's.. they did not like a cheap D-Link's switch for ethernet link, but did a Netgear and a Cisco. It does like a null cable to my laptop, if the laptop is on and running when the Lantronix is powered up.

Moxa also makes some useful devices.

Re: "Home Automation" - I probably should do some of this.. but a decent new hybrid HVAC system and a programmable thermostat made such a big difference in my bills and house comfort levels, the only ROI item left would be replacing the water heater (it's old and gas..) we are replacing the leaky side door.. Today! (Winter home improvement.. Brrrr...)