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Blowing up balloons

2010-02-21 00:18:36.313784+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

A few weeks ago the young lad across the street brought over a book of science experiments and asked if we could do some. I happened to have some hydrochloric (aka: muriatic) acid, so we dissolved the zinc out of some pennies and made hollow copper shells. But I realized afterwards that we were throwing away the best part! So today we tried again, but put balloons over the beakers, tied 'em to the end of a 10' piece of PVC pipe, and let the kids wave 'em over a fire 'til the hydrogen lit. Video here.

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#Comment Re: made: 2010-02-21 11:46:15.627715+00 by: Chris

excellent! my sons are now 16 and 19, many a time we have hosted "Science Parties" with many of their buddies, we built air cannons that shot hardwood dowels, had star parties with our 4 inch Bushnell Reflector. Encourage the young scientist, get some more books, some ideas and you might be surprised at the paths you will end up going down. Give this website a looksee:

http://www.midnightscience.com/ and this one:


remember, a mind is a terrible thing....... (it's possible I got the quote wrong :)