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I am a Carpenter/Woodworker with 40 plus years at it, live and work in Northeast Florida. At present am engaged in a multitude of activities, including rebuilding my house, an old concrete cracker-built tropical villa on a hill, like to think it vaguely resembles Hemingway's house in Cuba, we call it Rancho Malario. I work on structures, building and doing a lot of structural retrofit, upgrade foundations, reworking framing, in short I take a place apart and put it back together in the manner that it SHOULD have been built in. Current projects include a total re-do of a 1916 beach house and also a 300 square foot new house for a friend's daughter, many interesting challenges involved in building small. Alternative energy is an interest also, have previously built 2 windplants and have 2 new ones under construction and have one solar panel at present with dual wiring system in my house that runs low-voltage lighting and electronics. And, among my many other fanatical pursuits is Photography, had a Darkroom since grade school in the 60's when my first camera was an old 4 x 5" Speed Graphic, still have 3 large format cameras plus a multitude of 35 mm and medium format cameras.

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