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Woodwork essence

2011-01-09 05:26:55.905228+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Blog of various woodworking, and this is the easiest way to get the link from the ipad to the real computer... http://woodworkessence.com/

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#Comment Re: made: 2011-01-10 16:51:42.824076+00 by: m

The carving is just fabulous on the guitars.

I would love to know how they protect the chainsawn log work from cracking. Or maybe they just show photos of the the work new before it gets a chance to crack. I have been turning some 12-14" diameter mushrooms from logs that are green. Or treated with a wax emulsion and aged for a couple of years. Or from spars -- standing trees that have been dead for two or more years but are not rotting. Mine have all cracked badly. I will have to peruse the techniques that chainsaw carvers use for the control of cracking, so far I have only researched along turning lines. Thanks for the new direction of thought.