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iPad and printer ink

2011-02-21 20:47:41.382315+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

One of the topics of conversation on my morning walk for coffee with Phil was how none of the new tablets that are coming out are as cheap as the low-end iPad. We meandered around a few of the things that that might mean, one was that Apple was willing to commit to a tens of millions manufacturing run, that the market in smart phones is such that for iPhone there's one device in production at any one time whereas there are a plethora of Android phones, and sales seem about even for iPhone and Android. so the Android market is split over more devices.

But really I think the issue is this: Apple's making so much money from iTunes and the app store that they could give away the hardware. They've found a way to bring the printer/ink model to computer hardware, and people are diving into it. Hard.

Bryant linked to Pattern Recognition: Apple intentionally hurting eBook stores, in which you can see that they're further consolidating the "only Apple ecosystem paid for through Apple's payment mechanisms with Apple's 30% cut" business model.

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#Comment Re: made: 2011-02-22 00:58:13.257126+00 by: Larry Burton

I decided that an eReader would be the perfect gift for my wife for Valentine's Day. She always has a book with her and is constantly reading. I settled on a B&N Nook rather than something more versatile like the iPad because she is such an avid reader. The driving decision for choosing the Nook over the Kindle was the Nook's ability to loan books between Nook owners and its broader support for various eBook formats. This news about Apple's policy on making all third parties go through the App Store hit right after I gave Gerri her Nook. It just confirmed my decision on the platform I chose.

#Comment Re: made: 2011-02-23 17:10:06.723041+00 by: petronius

Unfortunately for Apple, the book folk have seen how Apple gave the music industry the poisoned chalice, and they aren't dumb enough to fall into the same hole.