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Software which is expected to be a part

2012-02-02 15:06:15.138735+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Software which is expected to be a part of a complex system and run indefinitely is very different from needing to ship for Christmas...

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#Comment Re: made: 2012-02-02 18:19:49.193296+00 by: m

It is nice to see a piece of software that you wrote, up and running without any change for 20+ years.

#Comment Re: software running without change for 20+ years made: 2012-02-02 20:10:04.374469+00 by: Jack William Bell

The corollary to this is my observation that I always become suspicious when a code change of more than a thousand lines compiles and passes the tests the first time you try it.

#Comment Re: made: 2012-02-02 23:59:56.266414+00 by: meuon

welcome to my world... btw. the second*ry data "center" here lost ac today. the firewals are blocking the vpn to the banks and cc processor... but are working when we plug a cell phone in via usb... and the system i am importing data from has dupe account numbers.

and they expect it to work for 10 plus years