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Mobile web developers

2012-10-16 15:16:10.309589+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Mobile web developers, what's the first thing visitors to your site are going to look for? Yes: "Go to full desktop site". Make it prominent

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#Comment Re: made: 2012-10-16 16:23:01.607883+00 by: Mars Saxman [edit history]

One thing that drives me batty about the otherwise excellent Uber service is that there is no way to call one of their cars from their web site. It just isn't there. Gee, let's see, I'm at home and I want to go out, do you think I might want to use my full-size computer, with its actual keyboard, its huge screen, its vastly faster processor and internet connection, instead of hunt-and-pecking on an awkward little touch screen phone? "No", is apparently what the Uber developers think.

Right: though they don't tell you this, or provide any way to find it short of guessing, all you have to do is point your real computer web browser at m.uber.com, and there you can order a car. As in, this entire problem could be solved by inserting the text <a href="http://m.uber.com/">Mobile site</a> into the page somewhere.