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Porn fans evolving

2013-01-28 18:32:56.099118+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Slate: Reporting from the Adult Entertainment Expo: Porn Fans Aren’t What They Used To Be:

In addition to reaching out to gun owners, the AEE has made strides to corner the young, douchebag market by expanding the convention experience beyond autograph signings and DVD racks. ...

Now that pornography is more socially acceptable, and there's so much porn available for free, performers and producers are struggling to differentiate themselves and create an individual brand in an oversaturated commodity market.

Especially interested because in various online discussions there's been question of "the porn star look", and who finds that particular aesthetic attractive. I think a case can be made that those of us who critique those things aren't the paying audience, and a lot of what we're seeing is an industry tailoring itself to a very specific set of demographics because those are the people who aren't seeing their vision of sexuality in every-day life or their other media options.

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