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Heartburn drugs & Alzheimers

2016-02-22 15:12:02.645117+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Dementia Risk. "Proton Pump Inhibitors" like Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium

After controlling for age, sex, depression, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and the use of other medicines, they found that regular use of P.P.I.s increased the risk for dementia in men by 52 percent and in women by 42 percent, compared with nonusers.

The study is JAMA Neurology: Association of Proton Pump Inhibitors With Risk of Dementia: A Pharmacoepidemiological Claims Data Analysis

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#Comment Re: Heartburn drugs & Alzheimers made: 2016-02-23 19:22:21.115115+00 by: meuon

I'd been told several time by docs to just take Prilosec, etc for some heartburn issues I was having.

The real answer (for me, YMMV) was better stress management and a few weeks of Kefir and "Good Belly" which include some probiotics..

#Comment Re: Heartburn drugs & Alzheimers made: 2016-02-24 17:15:12.222894+00 by: Dan Lyke

Charlene is struggling with some digestive issues, and investigating some solutions that... trigger a lot of my raised eyebrows... but it's hard to make a case for more conventional medicine in the face of how much of this sort of stuff there is.

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