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Sonoma fire status

2017-10-12 21:03:08.515481+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

1PM briefing


A few notes from the 1PM briefing and other places.

  • Tubbs: 34270 acres burned, 10% contained. Evacuations in Calistoga, Santa Rosa, Larkville
  • Pocket: 8130 acres, 0% contained. Geyserville, etc.
  • Adobe: 7255 acres, 1% contained. Evacuations in Oakmont, south of Santa Rosa
  • Nuns/Norbaum(sp?): 4698 acres, 3% contained. Northern portions of Sonoma city, greater Sonoma valley.

Within the Santa Rosa city limits alone, 2834 residential units destroyed, 410,360 square feet of commercial (those numbers could get larger), lots of other infrastructure including the newest fire station and 2 sewer lift stations. There are still fires and dangers in the evacuation zones, no access back into them yet.

Though they are asking for names at shelters, they are not asking about not immigration status. IMMIGRATION STATUS DOESN'T MATTER AND ISN'T ASKED AT SHELTERS.

Contingency plans do exist for if the wind pushes over Taylor Mountain towards Rohnert Park and Petaluma (no details on what, but it's obviously part of scenario planning). There are plans for assistance for bill paying and mail distribution, but those are still being implemented.

Reiterating from this morning: identifying ash and bone of deceased by serial numbers on medical devices. Finding and identifying the dead will be a long process.

9AM Sheriff Briefing

From the Sonoma Sheriff's 9AM briefing. 900 missing person reports, 437 safe, 463 outstanding. Most of those found are miscommunications between family members. 14 confirmed deceased (in Sonoma County). Into the recovery phase, majority of recoveries involve specific tips, and going into places they've specifically gone into (in the places they can get to). IDs are hard, some are being made by medical devices.

Q1: Asking about the reports that the Sonoma County officials decided against using emergency alerts/text alerts. Sheriff is unaware of that. Recommends 1 o'clock briefing. Q1.5 follow-up.

Q2: Situation in jail. "Good", nobody staying longer, doing arraignments.

Q3: Recovery phase. Missed the number of dogs & people working on this

Q4: About confusion over lines of where evacuation zones are. "If there's police blocking your street, don't go home".

Q5: Missing persons list is not being published. Families for deceased are being notified first.

Q6: Comment on the enormity of the mutual aid: "Yes as long as you know that my numbers are estimates". 436 National Guard troops, roughly 100 deputy sheriff's, 200+ law enforcement from other agencies on the street right now (takes another 300 behind them to come out tonight). No concerns about mutual aid and amount of resources from the rest of the state. "Ray of sunshine is the cooperation..."

Q7: Comment on erroneous reports from social media. "I think erroneous reports are part of life". Sonoma Sheriff and Sonoma County Facebook, and Nixle.

Q8: Missed the q, seemed to be about looting, 2 new arrests last night, 5 total.

Q9: Don't know number evacuated

Q10: Didn't hear.

Q11: Resident from west side of Bennett Valley, said most people have voluntarily left, there is looting problem. A: "The goal is to patrol everywhere".

Q12: About when areas are re-opened. A is "no predictions"

Q13: Where are cadaver dogs searching? Don't know yet.

Q14: About escorts into areas. Not going to answer questions any more.

Q15: No new evacs last night. No new info about new evacs.

Q16: Are deaths and missing reports from Tubbs fire? Inside or outside structures? A: Don't know.

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