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When the YouTube ad is a music producer

2019-11-06 01:00:06.196678+00 by Dan Lyke 4 comments

When the YouTube ad is a music producer pitching classes, and has all sorts of sibilance... Hmmm...

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#Comment Re: When the YouTube ad is a music producer made: 2019-11-06 13:52:21.393174+00 by: markd

it's definitely 80/20 out there for music production stuff. Even the pay services (like MacProVideo and its various other brands) have some real stinkers. I've had good results with the expensive stuff (like Berklee online) and the folks who are our age and been doing it for decades (like dancemusicproduction.com)

#Comment Re: When the YouTube ad is a music producer made: 2019-11-06 16:35:50.229783+00 by: Dan Lyke

I want to find a good source for conversation on techniques that is either text or podcast. Too many bad videos out there, and even the good ones, well, I don't really have time to consume them. I'd love to learn some more about modern DJing and production techniques, but blocking off hours to watch video... well...

Right now I'd love to find a little on theory and effects for doing things to voice to make them sound instrumental, and I'd love to find a way to do this via the command-line.

I'd settle for doing it via Logic Pro, but it's hard to understand what's processing what in that tool chain, so...

In my perfect world, I'd be able to take a track, run beat detection on it, and then use that to re-tempo multiple other tracks to a regular 126BPM.

Then I'd like to be able to filter some of those tracks to replace the track with some sort of instrumental equivalent, either via some of the sorts of synth effects that guitar players are using stomp boxes for, or via a WAV->MIDI->synth sort of process (attempts to do that via Logic Pro are not, so far, making me optimistic).

#Comment Re: When the YouTube ad is a music producer made: 2019-11-06 16:51:18.379732+00 by: markd

For Logic, the Edgar Rothermich books are approachable and comprehensive http://dingdingmusic.com/-gem-/graphically-enhanced-manuals.html (Apple's Logic documentation is so dry). Logic's workflow is fairly standard among DAWs (sound generator going through effects, going through an arbitrary graph of audio busses), so once you grok that, a bunch of other tools can open up.

Logic does have the beat detection and rescale to other BPMs. It can be a little twitchy. If you figure out a way of going from WAV->MIDI orchestration, I'd love to hear it. That sounds like a Really Hard Problem.

(I make bad EDM using Logic, so have dug in to some of this stuff to rabbit-hole depths :-) )

#Comment Re: When the YouTube ad is a music producer made: 2019-11-06 22:15:37.528933+00 by: Dan Lyke

I've gotten pretty good at retiming in Logic, but unless I get the incantations exactly right I have problems with keeping the retiming information across editing or multiple audio tracks (adding software instrument tracks is okay, but does some weird things on the tempo track). I guess I don't understand the magic, I'm just repeating spells and hope they work, but it seems like what happens is that I set the project to "Adapt", import a track with "Flex & Follow", touch up the beat detection (usually shift what it thinks is the downbeat, though for things like swing band music this can be a nightmare), select all the tempo changes, do a "replace with average", and then do my re-time.

And I *think* that if I then bounce that track in place I can cut and paste it, but sometimes I'll copy and paste a region to another track and all hell breaks loose.

Now, with Spleeter, I want to do the beat detection on one track, but have it treat several tracks with that one tempo envelope, and.... I'd rather do this via command-line.

There are some command-line tools to do audio to MIDI that take beat info as input, so probably don't do the whole spread spectrum thing. I'm also thinking that, with tempo info, I could do a Fourier decomposition, and do some bandpass equalization based on an exponential falloff in Fourier energy (which is probably what autotune is doing), but yeah, that's a research project. OTOH, maybe something that someone will solve with machine learning...

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