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He escaped

2020-02-22 23:30:21.962143+00 by meuon 1 comments

"He escaped" she whispered. - I'm helping a young woman, under 18 is my guess. try to recover data from a broken mirror set on a Unix server. She's got serious skills, very fast reader with excellent technical comprehension. Mostly a self taught perl programmer and now system admin of a web dev/application hosting "Family Business". The laptop she's syadmining from turns out to be her older brothers.. she's learning his role. I asked if he went off to school.. Loudly she said: he got married and moved to ___.. "He escaped" she whispered.

Her and her 2 sisters are all dressed alike. Same blue smock long dresses, long hair.. long sleeves.. hats and shoes differ. There is less religious art and tchotchke in my wife's church than their office environs.

I may go back to help her more. I hope I don't need to. She's been invited to join Chugalug and 2 other local developer groups. I hope she's allowed to attend. As impressed as I am with what she knows, I think its all self taught without much external influence.

I escaped.

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#Comment Re: He escaped made: 2020-02-24 18:52:15.384041+00 by: Dan Lyke

Anything we can do to help her escape. Also to help her hone her mad skillz, 'cause anyone who can learn adminning in an environment like that is awesome.

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