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Cheeky Spam

2000-07-25 17:21:58+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Holy *&^%$#@! this is cheeky as hell. I just got spam that says: A Poll is being taken to settle the issue whether commercial e-mail or SPAM is a good form of advertisement, which you would like more of or it's a bad form of advertisement which you are against. Your opinion on how to make this kind of advertisement better & to increase its use is vital. Or if this is a terrible form of advertisement and how it should be curtailed, regulated or ended all together. Please call, 1-900-XXX-XXXX and tell us. I've been ignoring spam recently, but this is just screaming for some time spent in traceroute...

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#Comment made: 2002-02-21 05:30:12+00 by: petronius

I'd like to meet this guy and shake his hand (just before punching him in the nose). The preternatural chutzpa of the concept is breathtaking, like the con man who called all the scrap dealers in Paris together to announce that the French Government was planning to tear down and then rebuild the rusting Eifel tower. He was soliciting bids for the scrap contract. He then spend a month cheerfully collecting bribes from the dealers, skipping town before they realized that he was not a government official. Audace, audace, tojours audace!