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Amazon Sidewalk

2020-10-03 18:21:03.075147+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

We've been working on de-Amazon-ifying our lives, but we do still have the Ring systems. Despite having excess bandwidth, I'll be opting out, but the big problem is that if I want a camera system that takes privacy seriously, I'm back to having to build it myself.

Ring has always been questionable, and we definitely make sure the cameras aren't pointing anywhere that we want to be anything but completely public, but the creeping interface between what I own and what I hold in common with companies whose motivations and goals aren't necessarily my own is getting more and more worrisome.

Amazon quietly announces major expansion to neighborhood surveillance networks

Amazon, the powerhouse behind the Ring security camera network, is coming for your community. On Monday, the surveillance juggernaut announced a major expansion to its smart neighborhood effort dubbed Sidewalk. Notably, Amazon failed to highlight one crucial detailed specified in the accompanying white paper: If you already own one of 20 existing Amazon products, you'll automatically be participating unless you actively opt out.

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#Comment Re: Amazon Sidewalk made: 2020-10-05 12:53:08.395148+00 by: DaveP

There’s the camera module for RPi which seems like a pretty good solution, but I haven’t found a turnkey solution that doesn’t leave some glaring security hole open, and I have no interest in rolling my own. The video permissions in OpenBSD story is still evolving, but in the next year or two, there might be an answer there.

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