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Coup news yet again

2021-01-12 00:54:01.286928+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Today's coup tab dump:

Just Security — Incitement Timeline: Year of Trump’s Actions Leading to the Attack on the Capitol

Looks like the DOD has quietly 404d that "First Amendment Protests" timeline PDF.

The Nation: Madness on Capitol Hill

“This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. She was crying, hysterical. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.”

A reminder that New York Times columnists are morons and should be fired. From October: Ross Douthat: There Will Be No Trump Coup — A final pre-election case for understanding the president as a noisy weakling, not a budding autocrat.

RT A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat

Republicans appear to be finished with the “trying to kill us while blackout drunk” phase of their abuse cycle and into the “crying at us to unlock the door while asking us why we’re being such a bitch about this” part of their abuse cycle.

2 Capitol Police officers suspended and at least 10 more under investigation for alleged roles in riot.

The Philly detective reassigned for going to Trump’s D.C. rally called Pence a ‘traitor’ after he condemned the violence and an officer’s death

The Philadelphia police detective reassigned after attending President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington — which ended with the president inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol — called Vice President Mike Pence a “traitor and a cabal operative” after he condemned the violence and publicly lamented an officer’s death.

“You’re a swap creature and fooled us all!” Detective Jennifer Gugger posted on Twitter on Friday, according to a screenshot reviewed by The Inquirer before it was taken down.


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