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the failure of MyTurn

2021-04-23 19:31:19.400461+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

This morning, as we were driving to our second appointment, I got a text message from MyTurn.ca.gov telling me that "We're working around the clock to get more vaccines and appointments to Californians. Please keep checking..."

About a quarter of California vaccine appointments are booked through the official site. I hope that we can get a legislator to hold someone's feet to the fire for giving this contract to Accenture rather than someone competent, like a high school nerd slinging PHP.

Cal Matters: State’s ‘MyTurn’ website bypassed for most vaccine appointments

State officials told CalMatters that they spent $50 million building the site. A contract obtained by CalMatters shows up to $18 million will be paid to multinational consulting giant Accenture. Of that, $6.9 million was spent on development, but there’s another $5.7 million management cost in the first year and another roughly $6 million a year for two more years. Accenture used technology from Salesforce, a San Francisco-based software company, and was assisted by a workforce management consulting company called Skedulo.

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