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Cleaning out my library

2022-10-14 03:50:02.647528+02 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Cleaning out my library. Do I know anyone interested in'90s CG books? The Graphics Gems series, Introduction to implicit Surfaces, Wavelets for Computer Graphics Texturing and Modeling (Ebert etc al), the Foley, Van Dam, etc. book...

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#Comment Re: Cleaning out my library made: 2022-10-16 15:45:51.160476+02 by: ebradway

I have about a dozen boxes of books that I moved from Colorado to Florida and again in Florida when I moved to St. Petersburg. I obviously don't NEED any of the books in the boxes. I was going to donate the boxes unopened but just realized that my yearbooks and photo albums are in there. I'm going to have to go spelunking.

about 60% of the books are about GIS, cartography and maps from about a decade ago. Since they were printed as books, the content was already 5-10 years old. Some of it isn't obsolete but most of it is. I don't want to look that closely.

I'll probably mail my atlases to a friend with a young child.

One thing I did at the start of the pandemic is get some USPS priority flat rate boxes, addressed them to friends, then filled them with stuff I couldn't bear to throw away but couldn't donate. Then mailed them. Not sure if it was a gift or not. But it did get the stuff out of my house.

You can also put the books in random little libraries. You never know when some budding genius will find it and really dig "ancient" CGI.

#Comment Re: Cleaning out my library made: 2022-10-17 14:28:51.468912+02 by: DaveP

Similarly, before we retired and moved from MN to NM, I spent six months seeding the six little free libraries in my neighborhood with technical books I didn’t need any more. As I lived within walking distance of the U of MN, many of them got snapped up pretty quickly.

#Comment Re: Cleaning out my library made: 2022-10-18 00:21:53.07711+02 by: brainopener

When I moved from GA to Seattle, I had my whole library scanned with 1dollarscan.com. I still use them periodically for books as they pile up.

Openly, there're lots of books that nearly ended up in the recycle bin years ago that I'm glad ended up as a PDF in a folder. I've actually rebought and had scanned a few that I had culled and wished I hadn't (lots of thrift stores list used books on Amazon so ends up a reasonable spend).

I really fretted over digital versus the feel of books, digital hoarding, etc... but I'm glad I did it.

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