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Is there a modern widget set that

2023-04-03 18:30:02.913335+02 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Is there a modern widget set that doesn't suck? AppKit is... ugh (and not cross-platform). Qt is sucking down 4% of the CPU for updating a second-hand on a clock because invalidating the view is causing a layout. Web is just super high resource load. Gtk went all web-ish...

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#Comment Re: Is there a modern widget set that made: 2023-04-03 22:59:59.053395+02 by: battjt

I'm using fltk... No. It isn't modern, but in rust it can be statically linked, cross platform and simple.

#Comment Re: Is there a modern widget set that made: 2023-04-04 19:31:34.396518+02 by: brainopener [edit history]

I know this isn't what you mean... especially if cross platform includes mobile. And I expect some initial revulsion...


I've been decently happy using Java AWT. It's still actively developed and supported by the "real" Java team. There's oodles if widgets for it if that's what you need (like calendars, table grids, etc...). Also, oodles of libraries for everything else.

I've found that if you stick with the native "Java" look, then you get really consistent support on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And if you need some platform specific UI stuff (like putting an icon on the Mac in the corner status bar), it's doable.

There's some nice game graphics stuff for 2D and 3D (including OpenGL and Vulkan).

Modern Java has picked up some interesting features including some much nicer shared-object/DLL interop, garbage collection that's gotten really fast, and some syntactic sugar to tighten up the code. There's some fiber/green-thread stuff that's making a splash there now if you care about that stuff ("millions of threads" that kind of thing).

The licensing is pretty clear and amenable now too. Bundling OpenJDK with an app is straightfoward. Of course if you are an enterprise and can't have that, then Oracle will gladly give you a version stamped with their nameplate and cash your check.

For reference apps, all of the JetBrains IDEs use AWT (IntelliJ, PyCharm, CLion) and of course Minecraft is still a thing.

I know... I know... Java... people hate it. But for a large sector of apps including local GUI apps, it's compelling.

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