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Who really runs San Francisco?

2024-02-06 20:22:44.684586+01 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

RT Dan Morris @coldfish@sfba.social

@scott This is no "trend". Chesa Boudin was elected in Jan of 2020 and (according to my one remaining sfpd friend) the work stoppage started when he announced he would prosecute that cop who shot the guy through the window while he was running away - on his 3rd day on the job.

So, they basically got together with a bunch of people and started a recall campaign, and stopped arresting shoplifters. Then, when Jenkins was "elected" she promised there was no quid-pro-quo, and then the cops suddenly tripled shoplifting arrests and then she let the arrested cop go, saying the arresting officer didn't mean it - and he later sued her for defamation (because he never said that) and got a private settlement, because the suit vanished.

Honestly, I never thought this city was corrupt (at least not too much) until I watched that all go down.

Even if you HATE and DESPISE that Chesa guy, when cops don't arrest people intentionally, in order to get rid of an elected official, to free their buddy, that's really bad.

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