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Okay one of our La Crosse LCD clocks

2024-03-06 05:15:02.612169+01 by Dan Lyke 5 comments

Okay, one of our La Crosse LCD clocks fell off the wall, and isn't powering back on, and was always kinda finicky about setting from the WWVB signal anyway.

So... I could put a movement on some nice wood, or buy another one, but I have no way of evaluating the different movements at the different price points.

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#Comment Re: Okay one of our La Crosse LCD clocks made: 2024-03-06 10:08:59.41395+01 by: spc476

So why not make a movement out of wood?

#Comment Re: Okay one of our La Crosse LCD clocks made: 2024-03-06 18:18:41.551053+01 by: Dan Lyke

Power consumption. I'm too lazy to wind a clock (and it'd likely be too loud for the bedroom), and we're shaving individual watts off the house power usage.

Which is also a reminder that I probably shouldn't go with a mechanical clock for the bedroom, because it'd likely drive me nuts...

#Comment Re: Okay one of our La Crosse LCD clocks made: 2024-03-06 21:45:42.102046+01 by: spc476

That's funny, because Bunny and I have a wind up pendulum wall clock in the bedroom to help us sleep. It keeps time fairly well too. No chime though. That's the grandfather clock in my home office, which tends to run a bit fast.

#Comment Re: Okay one of our La Crosse LCD clocks made: 2024-03-08 14:07:35.642579+01 by: DaveP

There are a couple guys on Craftisian who make a lot of clocks. One of them says the Kieninger KSU55 was the best movement he could get, which has automatic night silence. That’s for a tall-case clock, but I bet he has a suggestion that would fit your clock. Madburg is a friendly sort if you’d like to ask him for more details, but he’s Australian so the movements might be umop apisdn or something.

#Comment Re: Okay one of our La Crosse LCD clocks made: 2024-03-08 23:30:45.986034+01 by: Dan Lyke

Yeah, I was thinking electric or electronic movement, preferably WWVB sensitive. I love the aesthetic of mechanical movements, but from a practical standpoint I want something that I change a battery in every few years...

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