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Automobile news OTD

2024-03-25 17:55:29.343713+01 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

As our understanding of sources for environmental microplastics keep getting revised to indicate that even more of them come from car tires, further indication that we need to get away from automobiles: Hyundai — What Makes EV Tires Different from Regular Tires

The tires of electric vehicles wear 20% faster than those of internal combustion engines, which is due to the acceleration of electric vehicles that generate strong instantaneous power.

Also, in the EU, new sensors on cars are yielding data: First Commission report on real-world CO2 emissions of cars and vans using data from on-board fuel consumption monitoring devices

The first data from a sample of 600 000 cars indicates that the real-world fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from diesel and petrol vehicles on the road are around 20% higher than indicated by the official values from the standardised WLTP type-approval test used for regulatory purposes. This discrepancy is in line with what the Commission had anticipated.

For plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the real-world CO2 emissions were on average 3.5 times higher than the laboratory values, which confirms that these vehicles are currently not realising their potential, largely because they are not being charged and driven fully electrically as frequently as assumed.

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