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"AI" cynicism of the morning

2024-07-02 18:08:38.169261+02 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Goldman Sachs: Gen AI: too much spend, too little benefit? Turns out $50B for $3B in revenue might not be a great trade-off.

Business Insider: Goldman Sachs says the return on investment for AI might be disappointing

Via @david_chisnall@infosec.exchange who points out that, among other things:

Experienced developers using Copilot are 20% less productive.

Which I think we knew, we also know that Copilot generated code creates technical debt. And that training costs are going up faster than capability increases.

RT mhoye @mhoye@mastodon.social

An AI thing I'm watching play out at another org:

1: Expert A, with a deep understanding of a nuanced and difficult problem answers a question they've been given, offering several options.

2: Director B, recipient, uses an AI to summarize it and then runs it up to leadership saying, "A says this." That generated summary is subtly and very wrong.

3: A is now being held responsible for plans made based on B's AI-generated and very wrong rewriting of his recommendations.

Fun times.

To which Amelia Bellamy-Royds @AmeliaBR@front-end.social replied:

@mhoye New addendum to "A computer can never be held accountable, so a computer should never make a management decision":
Managers who think their job can be replaced by a computer, and who will do anything to avoid being held to account, they should never make a management decision, either.

Edit, just because I needed a place to hang it 'cause I don't think it's actually worth following, but it's nice to have: Vox: What, if anything, is AI search good for? (tl;dr: nobody knows)

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