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El-Wire hits Chattaboogie

2002-11-01 05:55:52+00 by meuon 5 comments

No pics.. I was having too much fun to go get the camera. I was Meuon the Magician, with a purple Wizards hat and a 5 strand sequence of El-Wire, a black robe, with blinking el-wire trim. and a couple of free strands just for playing with.

  • You get in the door free..
  • Women walk up and ask to play with your el-wire
  • Getting women to dance with you is NOT a problem..
  • Women do things with your el-wire... :)
  • You get invited to go to other clubs.. just for atmosphere..
  • You don't win the sexy halloween costume contest, but you get an honorable mention and applause..even if you did not enter.
Unfortunately, at Club #3, (Drink)... they don't keep the dance floor drink free and it's slippery, and after slipping and falling and twisting my back I had come home and lie down.

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#Comment made: 2002-11-01 16:17:05+00 by: Mars Saxman

wow... it has to be great, playing with something they haven't seen yet. Cool idea.

#Comment made: 2002-11-02 06:38:28+00 by: meuon

Mars.. Thanks... Night #2.. and my last until I heal...Back and knees screaming at me that I am 40... I took out a few LONG strands of el-wire.. the differences in the crowds is amazing. At Christophers it became a unifying theme and people danced together. At Drink, it became a thread of light to fight over and abuse. They have broken three strands. May Drink die. mean crowd. I am not going back. 3 strikes. Techno, great sound systems or not.. the crowd makes it a bad night out.

El-Wire is a great gimmick, and girls and guys remembered it from last night and came up and hugged me at Christophers. It became the topic of several conversations. As a social mixing mechanism. It is incredible in the right crowd. It was one girls Birthday.. (27 and VERY cute) we wrapped her in 30 feet of blinking light blue el-wire, and after a couple of great dances, she said "Thanks.. that was my best birthday present" and I got a sincere hug. The smile on her face was worth everything. At one table, we wrapped the long strand around everyone at the table and danced together.. incredible vibe.

It is possible to recreate small moments from Burning Man in the 'Default World'. It takes the right people and just a little injected insanity to start the vibe.

#Comment made: 2002-11-03 01:05:22+00 by: Shawn

Um... what the heck is "El-Wire"?

#Comment made: 2002-11-03 01:45:58+00 by: Dan Lyke

"Electro-luminescent wire". It's a wire that, when you throw the right alternating voltage across it, glows. My favorite vendor is Joel over at Coolight.

#Comment made: 2002-11-03 03:49:34+00 by: meuon

Thats's where I bought a starter kit and a 5 step sequencer. I got a couple of bad pics tonight.. but like Burning Man, the best times are experienced without the camera in the way. It's been the best Halloween I've had since 1989. I hope ya'll had at least as good a time. Life is good.