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Sunday pictures

2003-02-09 17:34:29+00 by Dan Lyke 3 comments

Must be a lifestyle thing: Last weekend Charlene and I went out to "the avenues" to hit Discount Fabrics[Wiki]. In that neighborhood was this store, advertising "easy money", "discount liquours", "cheap cigarettes" and boldly stating "if we don't have it, you don't need it".

On the flip-side, yesterday I biked up Rocky Ridge to the top of Mount Tam. I've done this route once or twice before and mentioned it to some of the hardcore mountain bikers in the coffee shop afterwards, and gotten a "why?" response. It's a challenge coming down, going up is a grind. And it's a total microclimate trail, in the sun sweating around one turn, the next the bike wheels are crunching through ice crystals in the mud. Perhaps that's why I like it, lots of variety in the scenery. And yesterday it was so clear I could easily see the south end of the bay, and Mount Diablo across to the east. An amazing pedal, and a good burn. Although I did dismount twice, once to catch my breath, and once 'cause the bike got caught in some gravel.

Afterwards, hung out at San Anselmo Coffee Roasters[Wiki], where part of the discussion was about taking pictures of the owls that are roosting on top of the San Anselmo town hall. It was generally thought that strobes were okay if the bird was in-flight, but focusing is an issue. Anyone know if owls are sensitive to infra-red?

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment made: 2003-02-09 23:24:57+00 by: meuon

The 'sin shop' looks like it belongs down here in the land of Title Pawn's and Check Advance places. not California. PWT is everywhere.

#Comment made: 2003-02-10 18:04:48+00 by: Dan Lyke

And, as an email correspondent pointed out, the camera thought that .45m was a reaonable focus distance, so that picture sucks.

#Comment made: 2003-02-10 18:19:21+00 by: petronius

Actually, I think the best merchantile combination I've ever seen were a number of drive-thru's in Phoenix AZ that featured "Gas-Ammo-Liquor", the products that made the West what it is today.